Ace Your Golf Swing with these Simple Tips

Ace Your Golf Swing with these Simple Tips

With a passion for golf and being a core player himself, Chuck Quinton’s is dedicated to all of those who are interested in acing this game. The videos and tutorials here focus on improving your golf swing with emphasis on golf release and other key aspects of the game. Here you can find more than 350 golf instructional videos, available to you 24/7. With his expertise, you can master one of the safest, most powerful and efficient perfect golf swing on the planet.

Goal setting plays a very important role in the building the career of young golfers; especially those you want to take up the sport at a serious level. Golf is a game of art and science; while the short game requires artistic skills, the golf swings require you to have the right mechanics. In order to learn and score well it is important to have patience and focus on building both these skills as a golfer.

Often times while watching others play on the TV or on the golf course, breaking 80 seems like an easy task and everyone wants to try incorporating the same in their own game. However, it is essential to understand that one must practice to break 100/ 90 before aiming at 80. Young golfers should first develop the essential skills and set a lower target. When you achieve that, it builds your confidence. Analyze your swing mistakes and shortcomings and try to break 100 again; only this time in a more efficient way. This will not only boost you confidence but also help you enhance your skill set.

Once you are confident with 100, and then aim at breaking 90 and then 80 and so on.Your focus should be on improving your golf release and learning at every step rather than just scoring big. Once you have achieved lower targets your:

· Game-play is more mature and decision making is better

· You are more confident and focused.

· Your skills and techniques are well defined. You have tried and tested various things and now you can understand you strengths and use them to your advantage.

· You are more motivated, optimistic and enthusiastic about the game.

· You are well prepared for a higher target

On the contrary, once you start with a higher target and fail to achieve it, it affects your attitude, golf release and mindset seriously. It bogs down your confidence and de-motivates you. The result is that you are unable to make the most of you potential and reach the heights that you deserve.