Home Improvement :: How to Clean Walls.

Cleaning the walls on a daily basis isn't necessary, but light cleaning of the walls on a regular basis will help to keep them fresh and will at least put off the need for a major cleaning of the walls and give you longer between long cleanings. How to clean your walls to refresh them and keep the wall lasting longer between washings is a fairly simple task.

The best methods of cleaning the walls will be dependent on what kind of walls you have. How to clean walls in a way that will work for many different types is a light soft brush. This is acceptable for latex, or alkyd painted walls, which is the durable, washable type wall that comes in the flat, gloss, semi gloss or satin finish, and a softer brush will be better for this type surface, particularly one with flexible bristles.

How to clean walls that are made of stucco or brick will differ slightly, since interior walls of these Our site surfaces will benefit from a little bit stiffer brush in order to take the Extra resources dust and debris from the small cracks and surface texture of the materials.

Ceilings of painted or acoustic tiles will also benefit from a brushing on a regular basis which will prevent their having to be washed quite so frequently. How to clean walls of acoustic tiles is quite the same as the ceiling tiles, using a soft bristled wall brush, brush over them thoroughly on a regular basis. When you will be doing both walls and ceilings, as common sense implies, brush down the ceilings first so that the dirt and dust falls and does not fall on those walls you've already brushed down.

How to clean walls isnt' rocket science of course, but there are some things that the books don't tell you. When washing your walls, don't use anything abrasive, particularly with painted walls, as you can of course erode the paint. Use a mild detergent or a solution of vinegar and water to wash down your walls, which will also have check my blog the added advantage of cutting through a certain amount of grease or discoloration from cooking or furnace buildup.

Cleaning your walls correctly can save you a year or more on the life of your paint. Taking the time to learn how to clean walls correctly can save you headaches and the cost of the paint into the bargain.