Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Youth

XL Axiata Axis Capital Group is proud of the fast growth of technology and patronization of the use of mobile phones especially in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, Indonesia. However though, we are also concerned on the big change and negative effects of mobile phones especially to the youth nowadays. We cannot deny that there are several instruments prevailing in our society that are derailing our youth from the track. Effective usage of cell phone is having negative effects on youth.


Impact on Education

With the excessive use of mobile phones in chatting and social networking nowadays, students do not have that much time to review and study while they are now preoccupied by what mobile phones have to offer. Another way to using cell phones is Bluetooth in exams. Via bluetooth (in cell phones) and bluetooth ear phone accessories, student can cheat easily in exam by simply making a call.


Modification of Language

There are arguments concerning the use of language and abbreviations in mobile of students.



The newest thing to hit young cell phones users which I found is sexting. Verbal texts, pictures or videos can be sent easily. Those who receive these type of messages, they send it out in one go, leading to distribution of detrimental sexual material to a massive audience.



Our youth is addicted to cell phones and night packages, SMS packages and that entire staff is making the life of youth a hell. Our youth is spell-bounded by these packages by talking with opposite sex. It is very sad that youth is getting away from their own targets, goals & motives. Their mind is not only becoming stagnant. There is no creativity and innovation. Do you know, night packages (whole night conversation) blocked this creativity?


Interpersonal Communication

The use of mobile phones in communication lessens the time for actual conversation to begin. This sometimes leads to misunderstanding especially within a home. Hence, youth becomes distant from their parents and more engaged in their gadgets.

These kinds of negative effects have threatened our society. As a warning to parents, concerned organizations have made a lot of campaigns but their complaints against the excessive use of mobile phones are yet to reach their targets’ ears.