The 10 Most Key Military Bases While In The Usa

HAARP - Playing God using the Ionsphere
A remaining remnant of Reagan's “Star Wars” initiative, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska is one of the more questionable and strange military jobs in recent history. The state objectives of the Air Force/Navy lovechild is always to shoot high frequency supports through the ionosphere for technological study reasons (meaning you will find no military purposes).

However, a litany of conspiracy theories, together with some genuine research that is reliable, propose more is certainly going on there than pure adult science fair projects. Edge practices are the capability being used to try electromagnetic "mindcontrol" signs to it being weather and geoengineering altering technology's homebase. Others maintain they're taking care of holographic technology which can be used-to ray photographs into the atmosphere. A rash of growing sounds and mysterious whistling in your community are also caused by HAARP activity.

All that can be claimed for several about HAARP is the fact that there is some very weird "investigation" going on there that's immediately pertinent to safety systems, which drops under the category of "army," which HAARP declines it is an a part of. Last year, studies began to area that HAARP was being turn off. Even as we recognize it's always been a front for your genuine facility, which can be positioned in Poker Houses, North of Fairbanks, Alaska others claimed HAARP. (Source|Photo)

Chemical Warfare Assessment at The Dugway Proving Grounds

Chemical Warfare Assessment at The Dugway Proving Grounds
The Dugway Proving Grounds in Tooele, Utah is just a testing ability for military equipment. It there's every indication that what you can see right now going on in Area51 goes on here, and is Rhode Island's size. Started within two months of Pearl Harbor, there were 60 years of stories recommending here is the home of next-generation tools techniques, secret airplane, particle beams, natural and chemical tools plus much more.

Probably this site's most salient attribute may be the 48 -squarefoot Reginald Kendall Mixed Chemical Test Service, where protective apparel and warfare detection devices are examined – on what or whom, we don't know. (Source|Picture)

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Home of NORAD

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex, House of NORAD
Early construction inside mountain (Image Supplier)
The Cheyenne Mountain Complex can be a hollowed out pile in Colorado Springs that keeps track of everything in outerspace and all airplanes in the United States airspace. Yes, this is NORAD's home. Monolithic backlit screens provide a regular stream of data, such as the 24/7 whereabouts of the Vice and President President.

Inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, 800 personnel may survive in the event of a nuclear battle for 30-days absolutely cut off in the outside world. Twenty-five- ton blast doors stay secured 700 feet of stone, within 1. (Source)

Raven Rock - World War III Hideaway

Raven Rock, Website R - World War III Hideaway
The Raven Rock Alternative Command Center, or “Site R," could be the location where U.S. forces would be led in the case of possibly a nuclear warfare or World War III. Like Cheyenne, it is designed to be selfsufficient for 1 month after a nuclear attack.

There are some studies a 6 mile tunnel and Camp David connect it. It's also worth remembering that GPS units and cellular phones don't operate near Website R, which suggests a blocking process is being used to stop individuals from communicating or coordinating inside the area.

Area 51, aka "Groom Lake"

Area51, aka 'Groom Lake'
One of the best, greatest discusses the famous bottom (Image Origin)
Area51 is simultaneously one of many most enigmatic and most cliched subjects in National popular tradition and has been because the Roswell situations. It suggests the question: how can therefore little be identified about something that is discussed so much? And also the even more haunting concern: if our government was privately creating an atomic blast in a underground metropolis (the Manhattan Project) over 50 years ago, what epic deviousness can they be up to today?

Whether it's in Area51 itself or even a military installation that is different, like the Dulce base that is nebulous, it's practically an assurance the U.S. government is engaged in some highlevel findings that are technological that are secret. Therefore, when I claim Area51, I am talking about wherever the hell theyare doing long lasting nightmare they're doing it.

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