Keep your home security with right door keys (2)

Last essay we say about the level of door keys. Now we can talk them with window and door accessories suppliers China once again. Come on, let’s see them together. What are you waiting for?


Class B: Upgrade cylinder will be safer. The figure for the B grade three keys are: computer key word, a single row of key anti-pull, single row crescent key, it is the current mainstream anti-theft locks core. "The more complex the key, the more secure locks are. “Cylinder in how to identify good and bad balls Rows security door is necessary" Master Chen describes, in general, much better than the row of pin tumbler lock a single row of marbles, and multi-row invisible spring lock also better than ordinary multi-row tumbler lock. Not only for that, a cylinder of complexity and price, is class B definitely better than the A-level locking. Now you can get the importance of going to buy safe and practical window lock for a house. Class C: The new lock to be a year break. In fact, there can not open the lock, only to open up easily or trouble lock. "Making the lock and unlock, the two parties like each other, like a battle of wits." Master Chen said, "Now the latest listing of a lock, you want to break, it is estimated a year." The Class C belongs to the new key.


We will have the basic sense for buying the lock when we get some basic information about them. By the way, discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China is also a nice way to get the relative information about them.