Bieber Will Get 6 Years Jail???

Bieber Will Get 6 Years Jail???

Pop sensation Justin Bieber took legal trapped. Recently Argentine court has issued an arrest warrant against him. Not only that, Bieber and his two bodyguards and tirensa risirake ayalasidesa Hugh ordered the immediate arrest.

Night club went with friends of 013 wrote. Without the consent of the photographer took pictures of some abuse. And angry and wrote. Took the camera away. Even with bodyguards marao feeding. He did not hesitate to hand 21-year-old star Trouble. In view of this fact, the photographer was filed in court. 

According to the law of this offense could face up to two years at least 6 Bieber bodyguard. However, it does not hurt her head. Warrant hanging over his head, but with a lot in making love Model kendala jenarera. Intimate friend posted photos are taken with the social networking site.

During his relationship with Selena Gomez, Bieber familiarity with these models, many of speculation was heard. Perhaps I am alone in life after divorce with Selena vow part with several models and emerging singer jariyechilena wrote about.

However, the explicit images and loving with kendala jenarera posts may be seen, finally settled down wrote. Seal fell asleep about consultation. What is the effect of an arrest warrant for him to pull the Love phele therefore seen.