Top 3 Stressors related to New Year’s Resolution

Top 3 Stressors related to New Year’s Resolution

January has been one of the most stressful months because of various reasons. One of the major reasons is that a lot of people get involved in New Year’s resolution. Even if these resolutions may lead to healthier lifestyle and also giving up all the negative habits which can result in great improvement of your living condition, there are few types of resolutions and promises committed for such resolutions which can lead to stress in the process of making the change. The problem is severe especially in first few weeks.

It is stated that the third through the eighth week after making a change can be the most stressful part as motivation reduces and challenges increases with leaps and bounds. These resolutions related situations can also be quite stressful for your family and friends who are exposed to any potential mood swings of highly stressed people. Stated below are few of the top New Year’s Resolution stressors along with guide to handle stress and to remain following your goals.

Quitting Smoking

When it comes to quitting smoking, stress can easily come at the few early days. Along with nicotine withdrawal which can be experienced at different level by various people, the stress related to new lifestyle change can be dealt at many stages. Most of the people who smoke used this habit as primary coping device and when they feel stressed then in that case, people smoke to feel better.

So, one cannot use smoking to cope with the stress associated with not smoking. This can easily become an increasingly spiral of stress. In this case, it is more important to keep few stress relievers in hand to cope with the stress which is associated with those early quitting days. Relapse in such situations is highly likely.

This way, it make success quite easier and also lead to stress for everyone. There are quite a collection of tips and tricks for dealing with the case of nicotine withdrawal.

New Diets

Getting rid of extra weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolution and this is usually a great notion for the overall fitness of the body along with other benefits that comes along with change in diet. However, in case of few days, a new diet can lead to frustration especially because of lack of favorite foods along with moodiness and loss of coping mechanism. It can be quite stressful to remain a new dieter so stress management becomes quite important in this situation. There are numerous suggestions and tips related to losing weight and stress relieving techniques which you can try.

Perfectionism of Resolution

It doesn’t matter which particular change you wish to attempt, New Year’s resolution can be quite stressful in case you utilize the traditional method of making high goals and attempting to attain at immediately.

This is related to difficult to bring changes in habits. It is quite difficult to bring big changes without making any new mistakes.

Most of the people if fail once, they are quite leaning towards giving up the resolution. This can result in keeping resolutions an exercise in perfectionism which can easily bring a lot of stress. In this case, you have to try different format for the intended goals.