Each Test Part of the Sanitary Shutoff And Diverter Valves

1> General Information
Sanitary shutoff and diverter valves should include the following parts:
A) the purpose of the test;
B) the location of the test;
C) Pressure release device, manufacturer's name, type or type, number and complete identification; inlet and outlet connections of the pressure relief device;
E) the test personnel, the representatives of the parties concerned and the date of the trial;
F) Test medium (name, molecular weight, density, specific heat ratio, etc., if necessary).

2> Summary of test results
Including numerical and characteristic values indicative of the performance of the pressure relief device under test conditions. The values, characteristic values, and units of measure should be listed.

3> Description of the pressure relief device
The following dimensions of the pressure relief device are described according to the pattern and the measurement:
A) Diameter of channel and inlet channel (mm);
B) the ratio of the flow channel diameter to the inlet channel diameter;
C) the sealing surface diameter (mm) and sealing angle (°);
D) Actual discharge area (mm)