The Ins And Outs of Fusion Splicing

Even the weight from a short section of fiber can be enough to cause the fiber to break. Then apply pressure to the taped end of the fiber and, like with the scoring above, pull the fiber straight back until you cleave the fiber (see the image to the bottom right). This could Fusion splicer proceed with 36,000 times single fiber cleaves, or 3,000 times 12-fiber ribbon cleaves. To start the cleave, pull the fiber taut and keep tension in the fiber as you cleave. Fiber is not just the next horizon for connectivity, the switch to fiber is happening right now.


They are two types of Fiber Cleaver for fiber optic: with core to core alignment (splicing on the core of the fiber, low loss) or clad to clad (splicing on the clad that protects the fiber). This allows the user to view the quality of the cleave prior to insertion into the connector or for simple evaluation of the cleaver being utilized. The F-CLX Series Rugged Fiber Cleavers are simple to operate and produce very high quality cleaves. For more information, please visit our site .