Gladwev Tool to Export Apple Mail Database to Window Outlook PST

I am an employee who wanted to make a distinct place for myself in the company. Our company designs buildings be it a villa, flats or offices. We also provide interior decoration services to maintain a stronghold in this space. So, in order to keep client in touch with our progress, sometimes we have to switch from our email platform to clients email platform.


This happened recently when We had to make the toughest witching that is from Apple mail to Windows Outlook. It is considered very risky and tough to import all your Apple mail database to Windows Outlook. When the scenario appeared, everyone was sceptical on how to do it. The project was to be carried on a big scale, and held extreme importance to our company.


Being the first assistant to my boss, eventually the burden was passed on to me. I immediately began my research. I was lucky enough to find Gladwev software. I decided to explore Gladwev because their products are certified, so even if they do not offer the best solution for Apple mail database to Windows Outlook migration, at least, they do not pose any threat to the data.


Being a professional, i needed a highly reliable and effective tool. One mistake could have been lethal for my career. So, after reading many expert opinions and testimonials in favour of Gladwev, I decided that I should try it.


Gladwev's product to move all your Apple mail database to Windows Outlook is called Apple mail to PST converter. Gladwev's website describe it as a state-of-the-art product which can execute Apple mail database importation to Windows Outlook in a smooth and organized way. It claimed heavily loaded with exclusive performance features to make Apple mail to Windows outlook switching very easy and maintain a 100% accuracy record.


The fact that the trial version could be downloaded free of any cost also helped me to try Apple mail to PST converter. I downloaded it, and ran the set-up. The installation was extremely smooth, no problem occurred. Then the real task of moving all my Apple mail database to Windows Outlook came. The surprise came in there.


The simple Graphic user interface surprised me completely.  I was expecting something a bit more intricate, more complex for the sophisticated task of switching from Apple mail to Windows Outlook. It made the task very simple. Further it gave me the option to choose the destination folder. This was a big relief as, given the scope of conversion, I was worried whether i will be able to look for the immediately needed files in the converted form.


The conversion of Apple mail database to PST format was done in a few clicks. It was such a relief to find all the claims of Gladwev beautifully materialize. The conversion was 100% accurate, plus the original folder hierarchy was fully preserved in the converted form. So, in short it was a pleasure to migrate Apple mail database to Windows Outlook because of Apple mail to Windows Outlook because of Apple mail to PST converter.