Toyota opened its facilities in 1990 and it has a National Customer Center and Training Center, manufacturing operations and distribution centers for their equipment and service parts. They have their total investment surpassing $117 million and have gone on to manufacture more than 500,000 Toyota forklifts in the U.S.A.


If you want to buy a U.S. manufactured forklift, turn to Toyota to get the best available on the market. This is because Toyota has a strong presence in the United States and also has a strong partnership with lots of customers. Most of the Toyota forklifts that are sold in North America are made in North America.


As a way of providing support to all of their customers, the National Customer Center(NCC) was built in Columbus. It was designed exclusively to serve the customers and dealers of Toyota. The building has a 360 degree showroom in addition to a facility that is used for live product demonstrations. This goes on to prove the dedication that Toyota has for providing the best customer service support to all of their clients. With their network of more than sixty dealerships and over 220 locations spread across North America, you can be sure of getting a comprehensive customer service support from them if you purchase the Toyota forklift.


Safety is a big concern if you are going to be handling a forklift as some deaths have occurred as a result of safety issues in the handling of the equipment. There are more than a hundred deaths that happen in the US every year because of this issue. One of the most common cause of death or injury always arise as a result of the forklift tipping over and hitting someone when the operator is not attentive or as a result of loads falling out of it and hitting bystanders.

•    When there is a communication problem between the forklift operator and the driver, accidents can occur on the loading dock if the driver pulls out from the dock when the forklift is still loading. To prevent this problem,there should be a procedure in place for the operators of the forklift to follow so that their operations can be carried out safely.

•    There are safety programs offered by Toyota forklift operators. The training program can be conducted at your facility if you want.

•    Ensure that your forklift is maintained by the certified technician. Your local Toyota forklift dealers have service plans that can help you keep your equipment in excellent condition. Original parts, safety solutions and maintenance plan are provided by Toyota for their customers.

•    The forklift operator should examine the forklift daily before they commence work. They should have a check list that they use and submit when their shift ends.

•    The side shift mechanism should not be operated when the forklift is raised. In addition to these, keep your forklift balanced by ensuring that you carry loads low, usually carrying loads about a foot off the ground is a good option.