Shoe Fashion In Wet Weather

Shoe Fashion In Wet Weather

If you are looking forward to long days in summer when you can bare your feet with pretty sandals and flip flops, give a thought to those who face long and wet summer months most of the year. Indeed, in many tropical places, summer is long and so is the rainy season. As a result, people need to battle hot days and heavy showers as well.


This can make it confusing and difficult when you are out choosing shoes for your wardrobe. You might have checked up the latest styles on the runway and decided to invest in similar styles. However, if stylist high heels are what you crave for, you might need to rethink your choices when monsoons come along. However, with a little bit of planning, you can get to wear what you like, no matter how wet it gets. That way you need not spend all your money on wholesale womens rain boots.


Choose the material


While ballerinas are in, you could choose to wear them in plastic bases. There are many shoe companies that are making ballerinas in bright plastics or with finishes that imitate leather or fabric but have a plastic body. These sandals will pair well with different clothing and help keep your feet out of the water. These sandals will not get disshaped even if you wear them in wet weather.


Get high


There are choices in ankle boots among wholesale boots that would make perfect sense. This particular style of boots is in as well. Opt for an ankle boot with a synthetic finish and a kitten heel. This will help keep your feet out of the water and ensure that the boots do not get out of shape.


These are some tips to try fashionable footwear even in wet weather conditions.