Free Golf Instruction To Improve Shots In Golf

In addition to the general tips, you need to work upon all the short shots individually to improve the short game on the whole. This can be done via getting some Free Golf Instruction and tips from Chuck Quinton. He needs no introduction in the golf world. Along with being an ace player, he also launched, which is dedicated to helping players improve their game. You need to work on and improve your chipping, pitching and putting separately.


Chipping and Pitching: chipping and pitching shots help you get the ball closer to the hole so that you can putt it. Therefore by playing these shots in the right manner you can attempt to putt in the least number of tries and score optimally. Many golfers fail to understand the difference between chipping and pitching and mistake them to be the same. However, this is not the case. While chipping shots have less air time than time on the ground, pitching shots have more time in the air and less on the ground. 


Since both these shots are used commonly in a short game, it is important to understand when a chip or a pitch is to be used. When the ball is nearer to the green but cannot be putted then a chip shot must be used. When you want to loft the ball over a bunker or when the grass is too deep to use a chip, then pitch is used. An important tip that would help you improve these shots is to vary club selection depending on the distance. Before making the shot in real, imagine it in the mind and then hit.


Putting: Putting requires you to put the ball near the green into the hole. The putting styles vary between individuals depending on their technique and comfort. However some basics that work well for most putting shots include:

o    Always focus your eye on the ball to know How To Fix A Slice Golf

o    Set the putter square to the target

o    Try not to move too much

o    The pressure and timing should be such that you can accelerate through the ball

o    Be relaxed and in a comfortable posture and mindset.

o    Be confident and hit the ball in the sweet spot with these Best Golf Instructions.


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