Instructional Videos To Help You Get Proper Golf Swing

The aspect of the game of golf that involves shots near the green or putting is known as short game. With Proper Golf Swing videos that are available on websites like, you can improve the same. It is usually defined differently by different experts but is based upon the distance from the hole. A well-accepted definition of short game defines it as any shot that occurs within a distance of 100 yards from the hole. It incorporates chipping, pitching, putting and bunker play. Many people mistake short game to be putting itself however contrary to popular belief, putting is in fact just a part of the short game.


Most golfers consider this Golf Takeaway as the most crucial and scoring part of the game. In a round of golf over 70% of the shots are hit from a distance of 100 yards or even closer. Every golfer may not possess the ability to hit a shot from as long as 250 yards distance but all of them do have the potential to hit one from a 100 yards distance. Therefore it is important for golfers to work upon their short game to perform to the best of their abilities. Unlike full swing that involves more of mechanics, the short game is like an art. Like any form of art, Golf Fade precision plays a very important role in short game play. In short game, the goal is to get the ball into the hole by the use of minimum number of strokes. In order to accomplish this, one must practice regularly and work upon improving the short-range shots namely chipping, pitching and putting.
It is important to remember that the aim of the short game is to keep the ball in the air as less as possible and hit as close to the hole as possible. You must gain maximum points in minimum attempts. Some useful general tips to improve your short game would include:


•    Start working backwards; starting from the hole to you.


•    Use a sand wedge when practicing short game shots around the green.


•    Position yourself accurately for different kinds of shots. One may need to work on body postures for a while before getting it perfectly.


•    Make proper contact at impact instead of going for a forceful swing. Concentrate on connecting the ball with the ‘sweet spot’.


•    Work upon your concentration to improve your focus. Thus helps not missing any putts.


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