Scopes and Career in Digital Marketing in 2017

Scopes and Career in Digital Marketing in 2017

India is counted in the nascent stage of the digital marketing industry. The traditional marketing methods like the press, newspaper, radio, TV, hoarding, and other advertising platforms still play a vital role in promoting products to the audience. Off late, India is slowing turning towards digital marketing industry for promotion and acquisition of potential leads. In 2016, the online marketing industry of India has grown at an impressive rate of 40% which is the highest in the world. It means more businesses are accepting and allocating budgets for online marketing.

It is, of course, good news for aspirants looking to start a career in online marketing. It is estimated that online marketing industry of India will employ around 20 lacs graduates by 2020. Here are two courses that are useful to start a career in this field.

Social Media Marketing Expert

If you’re fond of using and spending time in social media, you can take this as a career. Yes, several companies are looking for social media marketing experts to handle their official pages and create marketing campaigns. It is a good chance for graduates looking to start a creative and exciting work of earning through social media.

Businesses can tap the growing users in the social networking sites. For that, companies need to create campaigns with suitable strategies that are preferred by potential customers. It is necessary for aspirants to learn the tactics of social media marketing joining SMO training in Delhi. It is an ideal course for students looking to start a career in this field. Training is offered in live projects to develop skills and experience needed to be an expert.

Be an SEO Professional

Search engine optimisation is a process used to increase the ranking of a website in the search result. Acquiring a top rank in the SERP helps businesses to get more visibility, traffic, and sales which contribute to generating more ROI. Join an SEO training institute in Delhi to get knowledge on increasing ranking of sites as per the guidelines of search engines. Training in the advanced courses enables students to be an expert in online marketing industry.

Industry experts design both courses for students seeing the demand for SEO and SMO professionals in the market. Contact us to enrol in the course and start a career in digital marketing immediately.