E-signature solutions improve the way business is done

E-signature solutions improve the way business is done

A signature on a document is indication of the fact that the person whose signature it is adopts the intentions mentioned in that document. Stamped seals along with handwritten signatures provide validation and security of the document in question. Transactions requiring handwritten signatures take time and often delay processes. An alternative would be to use e signature solutions that certify intent in digital format. The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) AND THE U.S. ESIGN Act of 2000 suggested functional equivalence between digital and handwritten signatures and proclaim digital signatures to be legally valid.


Several countries thereon have made online signatures enforceable by law. This aspect makes e-signature solutions very suitable for any kind of transaction, be it business, legal or a governmental. There is a slight difference between an electronic signature and a digital one. An electronic signature indicates consent of the participants and is exercised on a digital document. A digital signature carries an encryption or in some cases requires the signer to have a digital identification along with the signature.


E-signature solutions create a credible audit trail and provide organizations with an added level of security. Cloud based signature solutions improve compliance and help businesses adhere to corporate or governmental regulations. Because electronic signatures hold water in a court of law, these software solutions are fast becoming a valued tool to mobilize any kind of business transaction.


Electronic signatures leave no paper trail, thereby doing away with printing and faxing. Documents can be easily uploaded to be signed and sent online. Again, these software solutions are applicable for any document type, enhancing the usability feature of electronic signatures. Basically, the whole system is quick fast and simple, saving organizations valuable time and money, which otherwise would have been spent processing tones of paperwork.


E signature solutions enable sound management of office tasks and improve an organization’s efficiency. Audit trails enhance a company’s credibility and standing in the market, thereby, setting the momentum for growth.


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