Herpes Test Negative With Symptoms 2017

The World Health Organization estimates that two-thirds of the world's inhabitants (about 3.7 billion women and men) are infected with herpes. Most women and men infected with herpes don't even know they have the infection.

Why do you have to think about herpes virus test if you have no painful outbreaks? You may not realize it, but Should we expect herpes cure in 2017 the herpes virus - if left neglected - may result in significant disease, such as Alzheimer's, HIV and meningitis. Moreover, if a human being has herpes virus, they may transmit it to other men and women even when there are no outbreaks present (this is called asymptomatic shedding). There is also a very high likelihood of women giving the HSV to their children at the time of labor and delivery. Nonetheless, if necessary precautions are taken, it is feasible to prevent all of these problems. This is why it is extremely critical for everybody to get tested for herpes virus today.

There are several herpes lab tests methods, and it is crucial for you to pick the ideal one.

DNA Herpes Test

If there are active the herpes virus lesions found, it is suggested to take DNA lab test (PCR) for the most exact results. DNA herpes lab test is a sensitive and fast technique to get examined for herpes.

Viral Culture Herpes virus Screening

Viral culture HSV testing makes use of cells or fluid from a fresh sore to cultivate HSV. It is just one of the most well-known techniques to detect herpes. However, viral culture has a high degree of falsely negative results and, hence, it is much less correct than DNA herpes testing. Viral culture herpes virus test is more effective if taken immediately after the initial exposure to the HSV.

Anti-bodies Herpes Test

If there are no signs and symptoms found, it is recommended to get a blood testing that can spot herpes virus antibodies. When an individual is infected with herpes, their body's immune system develops anti bodies (required proteins) to attack the infection.

A type-specific herpes IgG lab test can tell the difference http://www.mohca.us/herpes-testing-why-you-should-get-tested-for-hsv-today among oral herpes and genital herpes anti bodies present in the blood.

Herpes is a common virus. Herpes simplex virus-1 (oral the herpes virus) may be transmitted through using the same drinks and spoons, kissing, and throughout oral sex. HSV-2 (genital herpes) is a sexually-transmitted disease which is spread through skin contact.

Whether you have herpes virus break outs or not, it is important to get tested for herpes to look after your loved ones and you. Instead of wasting your precious time and hard-earned money, discover a herpes virus screening laboratory close to you, buy tests on the internet at excellent rates, and receive the results by email afterwards.