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Crucial to accurately using AP style on measurements is appropriate use of numbers, as most units of measurement are attached to a numeral. The basic AP style rule on numbers is that numerals less than celine mini 10 are spelled out, while 10 and greater are represented numerically. They are many exceptions to http://www.celinehandbagse.com/ this rule, however. Numbers that begin a sentence should be celine trapeze mini spelled out. Dimensions ("a 5by5 square") are always represented numerically, as are dollars and cents, millions and billions ("7 billion"), time and speed measurements and percentages.

The AP Stylebook also specifies a number of miscellaneous rules for writing measurements. Hyphens are used when the measurement becomes a compound modifier "5foot3 woman." When indicating miles per gallon as a measurement, subsequent references become mpg; miles per hour should be consistently indicated as mph. Fractions should be spell celine mini belt tote bag and hyphenated "threefourths" but prefers that they be converted to decimals when expressed with a whole celine micro tote number "1.75" instead of "one and threefourths." The word percent should be spelled, and percentage units less than one should be preceded with a zero "0.5 percent." AP style also specifies some less common units of measurement, such celine tie handbag as the "rad" a unit of measurement for absorbed radiation; "rem" the measurement for absorbed radiation in living tissue; and "caliber" a standardized measurement for a gun barrel's interior diameter.