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“You should write about your brand, your life, your travels, where you shop.”
“Write about what drives, motivates & inspires you.”
“Tell us about your love for swimwear!”

This is what I heard so many times in the past year from many people, that I decided to think this over and consider doing a blog.

A blog would be a new challenge in my life and I love new challenges! So when I spoke to my SEO consultant that I was playing with the idea of starting a personal blog, he got extremely excited and told me to start a.s.a.p. since a blog could benefit & strengthen my company tremendously (yeah, a confirmation to do it!),  followed by: if you do it right!

Ok, … but how do I do it right? I am neither a writer nor an editor; I am actually not particularly fond of writing at all! Furthermore I lack time in the day as is and on top of this I tend to keep my private life to myself! Plenty of reasons why I should not start a blog! Still I thought, why not give it a chance…? So I started enumerating why I SHOULD start a blog and what I COULD possibly share with my potential readers.

I realize that there is much happening in my life that I could share… I could perhaps inspire, motivate or amuse people, and some......... read more

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