Who I am & What I do - Thalassa Boom


I am Thalassa Boom. I am a partner to the love of my life ‘Hans’, a mom to my 2 amazing teenage kids ‘Javaj’ & ‘Yara’ and 3 cats and a friend to many. I live on Curacao, a tiny Dutch island in the Caribbean. I am presently building my own company AND I am a starting blogger! ;-)  Next to this I (try to) work out and practice yoga 4/5 times a week. I do this at home in order not to lose too much valuable time.

Hans & me attending Miami Swim Week 2016         |         Me & my kids 

I think my life is great and I feel blessed in many ways! I think that at the age of 42 I am finally managing a better balance between work, family, exercise & fun. Although some times it still happens that work takes the overhand and I end up feeling terribly guilty at the end of the day (actually night) because I skipped my work-out and did not spend more quality time with my kids & hubby whom I all love to death, I still think that overall I do a great job. My work, my partner and my children define my life, but I still feel that I am Thalassa! I love this about my life!   
At this age I also learned not to judge myself too harshly (which being a perfectionist, control freak and workaholic is an accomplishment on it’s own!) And I learned to take the days as they come. I give myself credits for my daily accomplishments and I often successfully suppress the idea of not having pushed more tasks in my already o so full schedule. Pretty good, isn’t it? I sure think so!:-)