How to Access Employment Resources at 88Sears

88Sears is the employment website run by Sears Holding Company. This portal provides important information for all Sears employees. This website is not only for SHC staffs but also for the third party which wants to explore Sears website. The Sears web address is easy to remember. If you want to visit this SHC employment website, you just need to enter in your web address bar.

Another way to access 88Sears is by using a search engine. You can type the terms such as SCH Human Resource or SHC HR. Besides, you can write 88Sears HR in the search bar. Then, you will find the address of Sears as the result of your search. When you reach the main site of Sears, you will find three major menus. They are benefits information, W-2 Information, and Resources & Contact. In general, Benefits menu consists of the links to plans and programs offered by Sears. Besides, W-2 Information contains the info about your payroll and tax. The last menu is the Employment resources. Here is the information you can explore under Resources & Contacts menu.

•          88Sears Support Service.

This link will display the hotline number of 88Sears. If you have any issue about your employment, you can call 1.888.887.3277. This site also shows the options you can take based on your problems. For instance, option 1 is for health and financial benefits. Option 2 is for payroll card information. Then, option 3 is for employment and earning. Option 4 is a business expense. Besides, option 5 is for w2 management.

•          My Personal Information.

To review your personal info, you should log into your Sears associate account. Then, you can access the schedule, payroll, benefits, etc.

•          Web Outlook and Kobal Webmail.

These email services give the Sears employees to communicate with others. Through Sears Webmail, they can share their tasks as well. The Sears Web Outlook also connects the employees with HR staffs. So, they can contact Sears HR officers when they face any employment problem.

•          Career website.

When you press career website, you will land to This is a special website to find the jobs at Sears Holding Corporation. You can apply for any positions at Sears and Kmart retails. Many career opportunities are waiting for you. For instance, you can apply for the positions at Stores, Distribution, Home Service, Pharmacy, and Corporate.

Besides, there are other links you can explore under Resources heading. For instance, you can choose I-9, Code of Conduct, Employment in One Poster, and Associate Relation Team Page. Some links require you to log in. Therefore, you have to keep your password and SHC Enterprise ID well. It is because you will need these login details to access certain information at 88Sears. In certain case, you may lose your SHC password. If it happens, you can go to Through this address, you can reset your password. So, you will get the new 88Sears password. Then, you can explore SHC HR site as usual.