Phalaenopsis Tetraspis Red And White Christmas

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phalaenopsis tetraspis red and white christmas


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Phalaenopsis Tetraspis Red And White Christmas, where to shop for after christmas sales



They will remain green and produce another set of flowers in the following season, along with other emerging flower spikes. alba 3" pot $25.00 . christiana x self (also known in the trade as a form of tetraspis) Phal. Please click on the underlined text for more information on these products. Cymbidium ensifolium 'Jin Chi' variegated leaves, mainly green with distinct yellow borders 4" pot $50.00 . Use at the rate of teaspoon per gallon. More Phalaenopsis Species Phal. Maxillaria rufescens small form fragrant yellow/red $25.00 . Leptotes pohlitinocoi mini-mini! lavendar star-shaped flowers mounted $20.00 Lpt. Encyclia alata mature jungle plants, high flower quality $20.00 . Restrepia brachypus orange' & 'yellow' both very floriferous mount $20.00 . Laelia breigeri Star of Brazil' tall spikes of yellow NFS $20.00 . Christiana.

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