Choosing a domain name. What do you need to know?

Posted by lilowebdesign, 3 years ago

A proper domain name is a must have is you are going to have your site featured prominently on search results. Choosing the best domain name for your website is an important step in establishing your web presence.


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Making sure that your domain name has keywords in it is crucial as most search engines, from Google to DuckDuckGo, rely on keywords to give accurate and useful results for their users. If you are going specifically for a local area, include the name of the city or region that you are in. This step is simple but straightforward and can help you get more clicks per search.


Short, Easy and to the Point

Another vital way to make sure that users are coming to your site is to ensure that your site is easy to type in and is short. If you can avoid it, don’t include numbers in your domain. They make it harder for your users to remember it, unless they are Rain Man of course.  Making it catchy or simple to remember is not only very helpful to the user but also makes sure that they will always have it in the back of their mind, ready to call it forward when they need it.



While some URLs can fit into the criteria of being both easy to remember and having keywords, your domain name needs to be associated with a brand. A brand helps a user remember and understand what the point of the site is and can make sure that they will continue to come back. A generic web title comes off as gimmicky and unserious, while a branded domain name is sure to be recalled.


Stick with the Classics

Avoid unique extensions if you can. While it may seem like a good idea to make your site sounds different, those extensions can often be forgotten and mistyped with the more common “.com”. In fact, more than 70% of all websites possess the extension “.com”. Even if your cleverly designed name has to go to waste, exhaust all other options before going to another extension name.


Already Taken

Something that often goes forgotten but can stop you dead in your tracks is to make sure that the domain isn’t already taken. If it is already taken then you are going to have to go with your second, third or fourth choice. Do your proper research on your domain name and prepare for the worst, as many sites are constantly being founded.



In addition to research on already taken names, make sure that the name that you intend on using isn’t trademarked. Infringing on a trademark can cause serious legal repercussions and get your website pulled.



With these tips you are sure to get the best possible domain name. I would advise that you go to sites like “Go Daddy!” as they can help make the acquisition of a domain name much simpler for you. If you follow this guide, your new domain address will help bring in more internet traffic and you’ll be all the wiser for it. This domain name article post was written by the men and women from Lilo Web design and development. Lilo is a web design agency located in London, UK.  Choosing a domain name for your business is probably one of the most important aspects when it comes to online marking and branding your website on the internet and Google.  You can contact Lilo anytime for a free consultation and help choosing the best domain name for you business.