What is the ESEE knives excellent for ?

With a 11″ of 1/4″ 1095 large carbon metal sandwiched in between linen micarta, the ESEE five is one of the most identified and capable bushcraft knives ever produced. From soup to nuts, this knife is constructed for any difficult time you’re heading to throw at it.

ESEE knives Evaluation

The ESEE 5 is entirely loaded! The end on the inch and half wide blade is powder coating which indicates you won’t have as well several servicing troubles of employing a higher carbon metal blade. But, that becoming stated, the edge must even now be oiled to avert rusting. In addition, despite the fact that it’s hard as nails, powder coating will chip if crushed down. Furthermore, remember that if you want to use a ferro rod on the spine of your ESEE then you’ll have to grind a bare spot in purchase to toss a spark.

This is a beefy knife (sixteen ounces – knife only), so you may require to downgrade to an ESEE four for smaller sized palms. It arrives in a couple of different coloration techniques, but ESEE 5 employs canvas micarta exclusively.

esee knives for sale The sheath is Kydex with an adjustable sheath tensioner, paracord lanyard (with cord lock), and drain gap. esee knives izula ii The sheath also characteristics an ambidextrous clip plate, so don’t worry about correct hand/remaining hand troubles. Also, the mounting grommets makes it MOLLE ready with a extensive assortment of mounting possibilities.

Well, it is very good for just about every little thing. Given that the ESEE five is these kinds of a large knife, it is likely to excel at significant camp chores, but may possibly be a problem for anything thorough if your hands are not dexterous sufficient. For severe or survival scenarios, this is definitely the sort of knife you are going to want due to the fact it is usually considerably simpler to use a massive knife on a small job than a little knife on a huge activity.

know more To get over this, I constantly recommend carrying a tiny pocket knife (my individual favored is a Moore Maker cowboy knife) together with a huge bushcraft blade. With this, you get the entire assortment lined.

ESEE is a effectively-highly regarded bushcraft knife producer that discipline checks each layout totally prior to production. Their knives have been made since 1997 out of a want to make the perfect jungle survival knife that was not too big and thin like a machete, or also little like several sheath knives. With this in head, you could phone the ESEE 5 a “Goldilocks” knife — this 1 is just correct.

ESEE stands for Escuela de Supervivencia (College of Survival) Escape, Evasion. The ESEE five was made by wilderness survival specialists with a long time of bushcraft knowledge who teach army and regulation enforcement staff to survive and prosper in severe situations.

With some types of ESEE clocking in at virtually $two hundred a pop, you need to have to do your homework. This knife is not for an armchair warrior or for any individual who babies his gear. This is a slab of large carbon metal that your little ones are going to struggle over when you’re useless.


This is a beast of a knife. A one/four inch slab of steel. It is indestructible. The only draw again is it’s a large knife, tipping the scales at 1 lbs. If you require a knife that your existence can count on, this is it. If you had to, you use it as a pry bar to get out of a downed aircraft or trapped in a car. This is an superb S.E.R.E. knife. What do you feel about my ESEE five-5P-5S Overview. Please comment beneath!