WP Lockdown Review-TRUST about WP Lockdown and 80% discount

WP Lockdown Review-TRUST about WP Lockdown and 80% discount

WP Lockdown Review: Fix this Imminent Attack on Your Websites…

WP Lockdown: http://beginnerdiary.com/wp-lockdown-review/

DANGER: Your website can easily be taken down by hackers all over the globe…

…in fact, they did just that back in July, to my friend James’ WordPress website…
They inserted malicious porno spam code into a php file on his site so that all Google, Bing and Yahoo traffic were redirected to their porn website! James’ traffic plummeted and his website ranking nose-dived!

But he got down to business! He removed the porno code, restored his website and then discovered an awesome way to prevent that from ever happening again…

Now you can see how to protect your sites against this, and other similar hacks, easily and affordably…
See how you can easily protect your sites from these hidden dangers.

Look, if your site gets taken down, it can cost you BIG time in reputation and profits…
…but there are HUGE benefits when you apply James’ solution…

Introducing: WPLockdown

WPLockdown  plugin is the simplest and surest way to secure your WP site with no tech experience whatsoever.

  • NO coding needed
  • NO paid techie needed
  • NO experience needed

WP Lockdown's Key Features:

  • Simple User Interface
  • Database Security and Backup
  • System File Security
  • Firewall Setup (Incl: 6G Blacklist Firewall Protection)
  • Blacklist Feature
  • Brute Force Protection
  • SPAM Prevention
  • Disables Right-Click and Iframe Theft
  • User Account Security
  • WHOIS Lookup
  • Regular Plugin Updates
  • Much more…


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