Driver Arrested in Fatal Crash at South by Southwest Video

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breaking news on the fatal crash at south by southwest, it's a festival in Austin, Texas, a man and woman killed. 23 others injured when a suspected drunk driver fleeing arrest crashed through barricades and ABC's John muller has the latest. John, this is so senseless. Senseless, tragic, it was horrible. The carnage was over in less than a minute. The driver plowing the wrong way down a one-way street filled with people leaving a concert. A man and woman killed instantly and some of those critically injured still fighting for their lives this morning. Just came straight through the crowd. People went everywhere. It was really, really terrible. I know I saw at least a dozen people lying injured in the street. Unfortunate. Very sad. Reporter: This morning, the normally bustling south by southwest scene in downtown Austin turned deadly when a suspected drunk driver fleeing cops crashed through the barricades into a crowd of people killing two, injuring at least 23 others. Five of them critically. People went up in the air. The guy nearest to me went sort of face down into the ground and people gathered around him very quickly and he was clearly hurt and he was pleading on his face. Reporter: According to police, a man in a small Toyota evaded a police stop at a nearby gas dui chinese station. Then drove how to find a good dui lawyer the wrong way down the street. Plowing through the barricade hitting pedestrians striking a taxi, a van and then attempted to run from the scene. But police caught up to him and shocked him with a stun gun. He was the sole male occupant driver taken into custody and he will be charged. Reporter: The aftermath, painful. Victims laying on the street, some receiving cpr from strangers who rushed to their aid. Police have not released the name of the driver but say they will charge him with capital murder. And it could have been even worse, the street was packed full of concertgoers just a few minutes earlier. Officials had managed to thin out that traffic that was actually in the street because it was a fire lane.

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