How to Protect Mobile App Idea?

How to Protect Mobile App Idea?

You may have a brilliant idea for a new mobile app, but if you are new to the mobile app development world, you should be concerned about protecting your app idea. When you got brilliant idea, you should also think about protecting the idea. Here are some of the important tips to follow to protect your App Idea:


Use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA):

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is the standard document that helps you protect your app idea. Before disclosing your app idea with anyone, you are suggested to get signed NDA form from them. If they disclose your idea with anyone and if any damage is happened to your app idea, the signers will be responsible for that. You can make NDA agreement done through lawyers or online. Make sure that people who have signed have provided their formal name and right correct address. The NDA form is one of the most important documents that you can use to secure your app idea.


Disclose only selective information:

You should not provide complete info of your app idea during the beginning stage of the app development. For Example, if you want to share your app idea with the developer for estimation, you shouldn’t disclose your entire app ides to the developers. You can get estimation on the standard features, not disclosing unique features. Once you’ve built strong relationship with them, you can share more details with them.


Check Authenticity of the Recipient:

When you want to disclose information to others, you should research on them and check their history, authenticity and credentials. When disclosing it with the app development company, make sure that the company is well established, it has been in the market for long time and already developed good apps. So it is better to share info with only top mobile app development companies. But if you want to go for freelancer who doesn’t have any experience or established history, you need to be very careful. But while you are speaking with professional investors, venture capitalists or angel investors who have rich history in backing up app ventures, you can give more preference to them. However, there should be no discussion about the idea before the NDA is signed.


Publish Your MVP ASAP:

It is better to publishing your minimum viable product as soon as possible. When you publish your app in the market, then your app idea will get protected under copyright law. Published apps get protected like published books. By publishing your application as soon as possible, you’ll have first mover advantage in the market. 


Include Your Design in Trademark:

Before developing mobile app completely, you should get done your app design which does not take more time. Once done, you can add your design, and logo in trademark category. It will give some form of protection to your app. Thought it doesn’t act like patent, still you can use it in court if someone copies your idea.


Think About Provisional Patent:

Filing for the patent is time and money consuming process. If you don’t want to go for patenting directly, you can go for provisional patent. You can get it done without the help of lawyer. You can visit USPTO website and follow the process. Your idea could be protected for the next one year. During the year, you can get enough feedback on your app idea to determine whether it is needed a full patent or not. If needed, you can go for lawyers help for full patent.


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