Infinity, Infinity, Infinity

Infinity, Infinity, Infinity

There is infinity, in finity, Infinity

One two three to Infinity

Minus one and two and Infinity

From minus infinity to plus infinity

There are numbers infinity

Now, infinity is infinity

And infinity is greater than infinity

Also Infinity is less than infinity

Infinity adds infinity gives infinity

Infinity minus infinity gives infinity

Product of infinities is infinity

Dividing infinity equals infinity

Square, cube or any power of infinity

Root and roots of Infinity

All comes equal to infinity

Even the digits of infinity

Numbers up to infinity

Mathematics is infinity

A study of infinity

Numbers are there, infinity

Starting from somewhere in infinity

Ending somewhere else in infinity

In fact, everything is infinity

One, two, three, all are infinity

Ones can form infinity

So, two, three, all are infinity

Prime or perfect, all infinity

Ramanujan is infinity

“The one who knew Infinity”

I too am infinity

Knowing the one who knew infinity

You also are infinity

Seeing him who knows the one knowing infinity

Wow, you and I are infinity

Finite, frail but infinity

Feeling failing to infinity

Fighting forward to infinity

He and She, all infinity

We and they, all infinity

SO, love and life are infinity

In fact, these words are also infinity

I can speak to infinity

But I have no right to speak infinity

About another, for he is infinity

None can blame the infinity

For none can see infinity

Since all are always infinity

Judging others is to sin infinity

All the world is infinity

All around is infinity

Can we know infinity?

No, Never! With Infinity

But Humility is to know infinity

Dear Friends, Its all infinity

Always and Everywhere infinity

So, Please don’t rest infinity,

Hate nor fight nor cry nor grieve to infinity

Because, we can love and win the infinity