225 Cracked Alloys For Sale

225 cracked alloys for sale


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225 Cracked Alloys For Sale



said 1095 days ago I have a 2008 BMW X5 on 21 inch 5 spoke rims and the rears are audition 1.5 serial key code number cracking. said 510 days ago Two 19" wheels on my 2011 550i have cracked. The wife was angry about this and quickly fell out of love with the BMW. said 1049 days ago I have 2012 BMW 750li What can I say?! for 18 month of holding this car I have had replace 3 rims and 7 tires. My prior car had 120,000 miles on it and I bought tires three times. I drive 190 miles a day to work and back and don't want to have any risks with my wheels. I drove home back to New Jersey and parked my vehicle in my driveway.


America's tire co found cracks on the inside of 3 rims and would not put new tires on cracked rims crack for pcdj dex 2 full to safety and service guaruntee on the new tires. I have no money for repairs and wouldn't even know where to begin. 645ci both back rims. For Business Car Dealer Packages Recruiters and Employers Display Advertising .. 19 Inch. And now today rear rim cracked.ohhh and the NEW engine that had to be put in at 60,000 miles. I can home to research why this happen and what I could do to avoid it from happening again, and behold, looks like BMW is at fault. I had no idea that BMW had RFT and alloy rim problems. I got rid of all of the run flats and bought a set of regular all season tires, since I read the run flats attribute to the issue. Maurice W.


said 971 days ago 2011 BMW 535i with 19" alloy wheels. My car is in the bodyshop now (again). Instances with conventional tyres fitted are much rarer. I'm in TX, but am curious if there are separate cases or if this case is the umbrella for all states? Roseann P. The cracks tend to appear on the inner edges. 17 Inch. said 1218 days ago I have a BMW 645CI for 4 years, and had to replace all 4 wheels and tires a couple of times think it was something I was doing.more recently the two rear wheels had hair line cracks and one bent rim.requiring three new RFT as well.at a cost of over 00.


16 Inch. BMW will not admit it's a defect. After driving about two miles the tire totally came apart and I could no longer drive it. Turns out rim was cracked. Took it in, they recommended all new tires (I was due for tires). FRANK A. Forum BMW Forums.info Paddock BMW Wheels Forum Cracked Wheels - How does it affect BMW's ? . Not what I would expect from a 60k car! Kenrick C. said 182 days ago Brandon K.


Very frustrating. said 390 days ago I have a 2012 535. LIGHTING. Cracks are all on the inside. E90/91/92/93. 18 Inch. BMW ignoring the issue. It is May and I only put these tires on last month and already they all have cracks? REALLY? matthew b.