What is Schoenhut Guitar?

What is Schoenhut Guitar?

The Schoenhut Guitar was named after the founder Albert Schoenhut, who initially kicked off this brand making toy pianos. Today the Schoenhut brand now includes other musical instruments including guitars as well.
Generally, though Schoenhut may not have a robust guitar background, unlike some competitors, it is, however, certainly a very popular brand that crafts some great musical instruments for kids. Beyond having stood the test of time, Schoenhut makes a range of top quality but affordable toy guitars. That is why schoenhut acoustic guitar could be your right choice.

The Schoenhut guitar is an instrument with six steel strings, designed perfectly for children's hands. It is light of weight, with the fret board ensuring proper height and fret-spacing. It is designed in the likeness of an adult acoustic guitar and comes in different styles to fit customers' personalities and preferences.

Benefits of the Schoenhut Guitar
The Schoenhut guitar is child-sized because it is actually meant for kids. It is crafted in such a way that it impacts sensory, communicative and physical benefits on the little users.

Sensory Benefits
- The motor planning skills of the kids are enhanced when they play the guitar
- By isolating finger movements to strum individual strings on the guitar, the children's fine motor skills used for eating, writing, dressing and so on, are honed
- Children can use this guitar to express their individual creativity

Communicative Benefits
- While playing the guitar, the child can be encouraged to vocalize a sound he is struggling with in speech therapy
- The guitar encourages social play by having the kids form a band together with each child playing a different musical instrument at the same time
- During play, the children try to remember what string corresponds to which chord or song. This enhances their memory and recalling skills

Physical Benefits
- The children can dance and sing while playing the guitar, thus creating a "jam session"
- The kids can have a sing-along with the guitar
- The children can put up a show for the family with the guitar while the audience sits and claps to encourage their performance
Is your child displaying the tell-tale sign of becoming a future musical star by strumming his fingers across the palm of the other hand while singing and shaking his head to an imaginary stringed musical instrument? Please get the Schoenhut Guitar for him. At a price of about $65 presently, the kingly design and perfect size coupled with the fact that it really resembles the real thing makes it worth every cent.
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