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What is unique wedding photography ?
PhotoBooth is a personal wonderful box providing a fun method for your guests to take home and share the memory of your special event. Our booths take a series of four different photos, either in colour or white.photobooth and black pictures are immediately printed 15 seconds after being taken and dispensed into the hand of the user. Your guests can go in the booth as individuals or they can get that photograph with family and friends that they have been suggesting to get for years.

A Photobooth Boothie is a highly trained passionate PhotoBooth expert with a background in occasions management, marketing and a lifelong passion for photography. The Boothie is there is make sure that you are getting the best from your PhotoBooth experience and will remain at your occasion from start to finish.

Set Up A DIY Photo Booth For Your Next Party

Nowadays, no celebration is complete without a picture booth. They're not just a fun addition to any function, however they're an excellent method to record memories and they produce the most significant celebration favors in the world.

The truth is, creating a customized image booth using the electronic devices many of us currently have around the home (e.g. your computer system, digital cam, printer, phone) isn't really really made complex. And, when you combine the "photo taking device" with some custom-made image props or simple DIY backgrounds, your photo booth becomes the life of the celebration.

Follow along as we share everything you require to learn about creating a customized picture booth for the party of your dreams!

Taking the Photos
Here's the important things; an image booth is not an individual standing there with a video camera taking photos of individuals in front of a background. That's exactly what many of the solutions out there offer (like this one, from HGTV, for example). Ideally, what you desire is a genuine photo booth! A "booth" where you push a button, and then the video camera takes three or four images of you, automatically (and without warning ... that's how you get those fun candid/weird/awkward moments that photo strips are understood for). We likewise think your version of a "booth", must put the photos into a vertical strip, and print them!

There are a million ways to do this, and if you wish to spend some time, you can figure out a way to make your very own totally free (you could start with our Apple Automator script and see if you can update it). But, honestly, there are some terrific paid alternatives out there that do not cost much:

Sparkbooth - This seems to be the most popular alternative, and costs $55. It allows you to customize the image design, print immediately, and auto-post to Facebook, Flickr, and so on ($ 55 might appear like a lot, however depending on how you value your time, you'll absolutely spend a minimum of that much DIY-ing something like it).
DSLR Photo Booth - This looks terrific for those of you who don't wish to use a web camera. The standard variation starts at $50, and you can attempt before you purchase!
Pocketbooth for iPad, iPhone and Android is only $.99! It can print (via AirPrint) or upload to your social networks. Unfortunately, all of this needs to be done by hand, so it's not a perfect setup for a party.
And finally, RasterWeb offers a pretty amazing USB button you can hook up to your computer to offer your digital image booth an analog ambiance.

Using an electronic camera works well with these devices:

Intervalometer: This helpful accessory links to your camera (find the one that works for your cam) and with simple setup becomes a button you can push for timed shutter release, giving you that "four-photo strip" you want. Purchase for around $15-$ 20.
Eye-fi SD card: Configure this card's integrated wifi network to beam images directly to your computer system, and with an Automator script, or one of the apps pointed out above, print them in a flash. Purchase for about $30 for the smallest memory capability. If storage capability is a problem, set to car delete after printing.

Backgrounds to Set the Stage
Because it includes a ton of character to your photos, producing a background for your photo booth is important. The finest thing about backgrounds is that the possibilities are limitless and they are easy to DIY. We just recently shared 11 clever background concepts, however here are a few more of our favorites:

The reality is, creating a custom-made image booth utilizing the electronic devices most of us currently have around the home (e.g. your computer system, digital video camera, printer, phone) isn't really very complicated. And, when you inte