Americas Hair Attraction: The Golden Age of Horses

More Americans are learning why riding off into the sunset means living 'happily ever after.'

With recent movies such as 'Seabiscuit' and 'Hidalgo' topping the charts, it appears horses tend to be more common than ever - but it is not just Hollywood.

The pattern is sweeping the country as more people find the great world of horses. Involvement in horse activities are at a high. Almost 2 million Americans own horses, and thousands more wish to. To compare more, please check-out: open in a new browser.

In fact, a recent study found three out of five people would-be happy when they received a horse as a present. And, a majority is enthusiastic about riding while on vacation, attending a rodeo and likely to a horse race.

With curiosity about horses increasing, it is not surprising that more Americans are finally getting involved. They're taking holidays at dude ranches, missing gym workouts to meet fitness programs on horseback, going on soothing trail rides to de-stress after work, and also using horses to instruct young ones responsibility and confidence.

And moreover, they're finding affordable choices. Get more on our affiliated article directory by visiting the link.

'Getting involved is simpler and less costly than you could think,' explained Bill Brewer, executive vice-president of the American Quarter Horse Association. 'With our national network of skilled horsemen, AQHA can connect people - irrespective of interest level, age or income - with horses. It's what we do best.'

Brewer stated a few cost-effective alternatives for enjoying horses with no cost of property, such as leasing, time-sharing, visiting in a ranch or taking classes.

'With these inexpensive possibilities, there has never been a much better time to get started,' he said.

AQHA is making it easier than ever before to join up by supplying a present collection for $30. Get new information on a related site by visiting jay novacek dallas cowboys. The set includes a book about American Quarter Horses, a Breyer design horse and a certificate good for one free riding lesson from the local professional instructor in-your area.

'This present is an simple way to make a dream to get a horse come true,' Brewer said. 'A training on a reliable type like the American Quarter Horse, which we call the 'golden retriever of the horse world,' is an exciting and safe method to be introduced to the joy of a life with horses.'.