Two Ways to Watch Live TV

Two Ways to Watch Live TV

Don't sign up to any cable or satellite TV subscription just yet. Or if you already have a subscription, then read the following if you want to save money. There's a way to watch favorite TV programs without the high cost of paid television. Many TV viewers have forgotten that an antenna can deliver OTA (Over-the-Air) TV channels from local television stations from your area.

Live TV Offline

This doesn't mean you have to install an expensive outdoor antenna. An indoor HDTV antenna will do just fine. The cost for a good indoor HDTV antenna can be $30 or less. But the get the one that comes with a 50-mile or more amplier, so that more channels from your area can be received.

This doesn't take a lot of time to setup. Just connect the antenna to the back of the TV and place the flat head antenna on the window, (higher the better). If not the window, find an area near the TV to place the antenna to get the best reception. Use the TV remote to scan local channels in your area. That's all there is to it!

Live TV Online

There are plenty of on-demand steaming content online to watch movies, TV shows, videos, etc. But if live TV is what you want, you can alwyas sign up to streaming content providers to watch their live channels and programs. There's also 3rd-party TV software and Internet based TV services online available with live TV. Rather than opting into a monthly subscription or higher fee, consider opting into a low-cost Internet based TV service.

As for the latter, your can pay a $30 annual fee to get access to live premium sports TV channels with or without movies, TV shows, news broadcast, and music videos. These are all live channels, no VOD whatsoever. They also offer 40+ sports packages where you also have the option to choose a package to watch a specific sporting event.

Another Internet based TV service offers both live TV and on-demand streaming content. The cost is $40 one-time for lifetime access. This service provides everything the $30 service provides but also offers on-demand content. You can watch Live TV, Local TV, Global TV, Sports TV, VOD Movies, and VOD TV Shows.

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