The true meaning of love in our life

The true meaning of love in our life

What is the meaning of love?

The other people said that "Love is in the air","Love is unpredictable" and the other thought and quotes about love that we create in our mind.

But do you already know the meaning of love in our life?

Love is what you feel in our family,friends and our relatives everyday.And love is what we gives important to the one person.When we are child we gives important in our toys because we love them so everyone can feel love.

So this is the story...

When we are child...we loves our parents,childhood friends and our toys

Then when we are teenager we feel love in our classmate or the person that caught your attention and it's calld "CRUSH"

Then when we got adult we feel love in the person that efforts to make you happy and when the days passed you will got married to the person you love


But when you inlove get ready to hurt because if you hurt there's a lesson that you can learn!heartyes