The Best Way to Develop Self-Assurance in Children with Eczema

Posted by LondonAllergy2, 3 years ago

Allergies can manifest in the form of eczema and children are no exceptions.  The itching sensation and the scars on the skin that have to be scratched intermittently make children feel a bit awkward in their mannerisms when interacting with other children at school or other places. They start developing inferiority complex that can alienate them from others and result in loss of self-confidence. If this happens, it can hinder their normal mental growth which in turn affects overall development. Children suffering from eczema realise that they are the odd men among others because they are only a few in number. They try to keep away from others, find it difficult to make friends and are more likely to be bullied. They become reclusive and are often overlooked by teachers too.


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Protect from mental stress

The problem is perhaps more deep and complex that what is seen on the surface. Since eczema cure takes time, children have to live with the problems for prolonged time. It is very important to protect eczema affected children from the mental stress and support them to learn how to cope with it so that they can regain their self-confidence and allow their self esteem to blossom so that they can grow up like any other normal child.  It is a self learning process that has to be monitored and nurtured by the teachers, guardians and parents so that the children are propelled trough the rest of their lives without the feeling of being different.


Abilities are to be appreciated

Children affected by eczema have to struggle with their looks; no matter how strong willed they might be. To overcome this, divert their attention to something more meaningful and to make them understand that abilities are more recognised for progressing in life over the appearance of a person, start appreciating their abilities in a more focused way.  The appreciation has to be specific by highlighting what has been achieved. This will develop a sense that there is much more valuable attributes that matter in life than just looking perfect.


Encourage restrained expressiveness


Allow the child to be express emotions in a way that is healthy.  Teach them to show up their feelings without hurting others in a controlled manner yet being expressive enough to speak out their minds. There has to be good balance between expressiveness and restraint that contributes to a decent personality.  There is nothing wrong to be angry as long as it does not cross the line of decency.


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Make them feel important

As an antidote to the reclusive syndrome that affects children with eczema and to inculcate a feeling of inclusiveness, make them feel important by giving responsibilities.  This would make them better team members well accepted by others and help to develop their skills so that they can make full use of their potential.Giving more exposure to children by way of social mixing in varied playgroups and swimming and music classes help to shed the inhibitions and push him ahead to face the world with confidence.


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