Get 3 endearing gift ideas on Lohri celebration

Get 3 endearing gift ideas on Lohri celebration

India is a country that witnesses several colourful and joyous celebrations of multiple religions in every month of the year. Lohri is a famous one among those festivals.


What is Lohri


Lohri is recognized as a harvest festival in Punjab. To celebrate the end of the winter season, people thank God for giving them prosperity, food and happiness. On Lohri, people celebrate around a bonfire. They dress up with various vibrant and colourful apparels and express their warm wishes by sharing gifts. People send gifts for Lohri to their family and friends. They sing traditional songs, dance together and enjoy delicious dishes.


Here are some excellent gift ideas for the bonfire festival of Lohri. These also help you to get ideas for the other celebrations of the similar time.



Sweets play an important role in the celebration. Actually, sweets are the integral gift item for almost every occasion. People come up with various sweets in several decorated boxes. You can either gift similar kinds of sweets in a box or arrange multiple sweets in your gift box. You can order online also, as they can easily arrange an exciting packet of sweets for Lohri. Gajjaks and rewries are some popular sweets for this festivals. Online stores can easily get you some attractive and delicious mithai hampers or traditions Indian sweets decorated in a swastik thali.


Dry fruits


A dry fruits hamper is known to be a famous gift item for the Lohri celebration. Online shops can be a good choice too for buying dry fruits. They offer several Lohri gifts online along with gorgeous gift-wrapped dry fruit hampers. Almonds, cashews, chestnuts and nuts are widely presented on the occasion of Lohri. Between the wide ranges of gift hampers select one according to your choice and get it delivered to the desired location. Even you can go with the crispy chocolate hampers that contain dry fruits in them. Various handmade chocolates are also available in the market with dry fruits filling in them.




The charm of flowers is always valued whether they are fresh or artificial. In the season of winter, we are gifted with a huge diversity of flowers by nature. Hence, you can choose any of your desired aromatic bunch of flowers. Artificial flowers are also accepted as a gift item as their splendour can be achieved for a long time. Various online shops who deliver flowers can offer you multiple assorted flowers, orchids, carnations, life size arrangements and of course various coloured roses. Get them in bouquets, vases or baskets according to your choice.


As we all know that Lohri is among the most famous festivals of India, it is naturally incomplete without gifts. Except for the above gift ideas, you can also exchange some personalised gifts between your loved ones.