WSF618A-01 Precision Winder

WSF618A-01 Precision Winder

Introduction of WSF618A-01 Precise Winder:

WSF618A-01 Hank Precise Winder is especially used in hank dyeing. This yarn hank winder is applied for rewinding 50D-600D elastic hank yarns. You can get pineapple shape by this hank precision winder to supply for using in warp and weft, knitting and etc. This yarn hank winder contains length counter, full bobbin auto-stop, yarn break auto-stop. If the bobbin is full or yarn is broken, the motor on the yarn hank winder will stop to protect the yarns. Also there is spindle speed automatic adjustment, overfeed speed adjustment, slow start, and constant winding speed installed on this hank precision winder to ensure the accuracy of the package. This hank precision winder is advance winding equipment for high stretch yarn.

Also this yarn hank winder is totally a customized winding machine. As a winder supplier, we offer the best service for our clients. We will try our best to improve our hank precision winder to meet your requests. You can have more details about our winding machine for sale by telephone +86-575-86333306 or email [email protected]


Advantages of WSF618A-01 Precise Winder:

1. The hank precision winder is especially used in hank dyeing. You can get good packages with this advance yarn hank winder.

2. Length counter, full bobbin auto-stop and yarn break auto-stop device on this hank precision winder ensure the quality of the yarn. You can control conveniently.

3. Every single spindle on this yarn hank winder has its own system and motors to control its operation. It is convenient to set and change the parameters.



Spindle Gauge: 300 mm

Number of Spindles: 32 spindle (4spindles per set)

Traverse: Up to 210 mm

Forming Shape: Cylindrical or Conical

Bobbin Capacity: 250~1500 g

Yarns: Chemical filament of DTY/FTY, such as pure silk, spun silk, cotton yarn, synthetic yarn

Line Speed: 400~600 m/min

Installed Power: 0.12 kW per spindle

Size of Machine: Length 10.53 m × Width 0.91 m × Height 1.83 m