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It is very important to secure our own information, exactly like we protect our family. Data leak can lead to big troubles. For individuals, various security concerns increase, and also for the corporations, they will have problems with vital damage resulting from the info breaches. Because expansion of internet, the threat of trojan is growing day by day, and no person can be certain that your data could be safe and sound every time. To solve this matter, the security consciousness and useful habit of data files safeguard is recommended.Get more info: USB Protection in windows 10

If you have to share desktop computer between family members, but nevertheless , you always want to have a lot of secret information on it. Or you just don't want the accidental user see a few significant data on your computer system.

idoo File Encryption lets you have divide local disk on your personal computer that may be locked and unlocked by the security password within one second! Moreover, when locked the data file can become entirely invisible in the Operating system.

It can be usual for a organisation or individual to lose valuable files when somebody accidentally removes or simply changes information files. Through idoo Software Package you could directly lock information files and hard disk drives so that they can't be used. This application defends files from misconducts which may possibly set your business back with several weeks of additional and costly work.

To know how to password protect folders in windows 10

Choose "Lock Folder" from "Hard Disk" on the left list. And click "Lock Folder" to add folder you want to lock. In the same way, you may lock laptop or computer file or local hard disks by adding those to the list by "Lock File" or "Lock Partition".

The locked files, folders and Hard drive would be limited, and these personal files could only be accessed by entering the correct security password.

the way to deny access to Hard disk drive, files and folders.

To successfully protect data files, the accessibility to the secured files, file folders and HDD will be denied. We might change your setting in idoo Application.

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idoo Application Keeps Your Useful Data Secure From Prying Eyes

It would be a HDD encryption tool that provides much more usable functions than some others do. idoo's Computer Program gives you choice of computer file encryption, deny read, hide, shredder and a lot more.


In addition this encryption program give you a unusual ability to easily monitor the computer data files and drives. You receive a complete document about all accesses to computer files and also our operating of software programs. One quick check helps you find out if most unauthorised access has occurred. Users can immediately follow up and stop enter when serious hurt will take place.