When do you need Couples Counseling? Here are 7 Signs

Admit it. Not all marriages ‘live happily ever after’. Relationships are usually subject to various challenges as couples slowly adjust to the living habits of their spouse. Mistrusts and turmoil are quite common among couples these days, but what if it gets to be way too much? Before you and your partner make the big unanimous decision to divorce, consider couples counseling. Confused yet? Read on to learn the 7 signs that indicate you need a counselor’s assistance.


1.    Couples who Barely Speak to Each Other:


Most problems in a relationship start with the simplest of problems such as miscommunication. A counselor will help you find ways with which communication problems can be easily tackled and to make sure that everything goes in the right direction by sharing each other’s feelings.


2.    Constant Arguing:


Frequent arguing is just as harmful as “the silent treatment”. If there’s bad communication that involves a partner being judged, disregarded or shamed, it can lead to a fragile relationship. Negative communication and arguing is not just about what you say, but how you say it too. Be careful and think twice about how and what you say to your partner.


3.    Not willing to Speak up:


Sometimes you are too frightened or hesitant to talk about issues, be it about sex, money or anything else. A counselor can help open up the lines of communication between you and your partner about these issues. A professional counselor will clearly examine the issues at hand and will help bring them to light.


4.    Considering your Partner as your Enemy:


Regardless if you considering your partner as a rival, always remember that you both are a team. But just in case things have been real difficult between the two of you, so much that the two of you are on different sides, a counselor’s help is imperative.


5.    You think that everything will be OK if your partner would change:


You’re the only person who can bring about positive change to your relationship. Waiting for the other person to change would simply be a waste of time. This is why a counselor’s help is recommended, as a counselor can identify what you want and who, as a person, you are.


6.    You Lead Separate Lives:


When couples degrade from being a married couple to just being roommates, that clearly indicates that a counselor’s assistance is needed. While this doesn’t always mean that a couple is in trouble but a lack of communication, intimacy and unity represents something’s not right.


7.    You Start Keeping Secrets:


Any person involved in a relationship has the right to privacy, but when you get to a point of keeping secrets from each other, it signals you both are in trouble. It is better to visit a counselor at this point of time before things get much worse.


There are great success stories that explain how couples counseling has saved many marriages. If you’re having a hard time dealing with relationship issues, book an appointment with a counselor today! No second thoughts!


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