Best Memory Foam Mattress - The way to Make the Correct Selection

The spine is subjected to extensive anxiety all through any specified day. We are so busy we have absolutely no time to think of position and sitting and being kind to the spine.


At least when we sleep the spine should be in what is termed the 'zero-pressure' position for maximum relaxation. This is where the finest memory foam mattress comes into play. You require a mattress that offers the least resistance and supports the spine; an orthographically designed mattress is the only kind which will provide this support to you.


When we talk of the finest foam mattress, where did this mattress come from? What is the history behind it? Would you consider that it was NASA which developed foam with memory? Someplace around the 1970s, the scientists at NASA wanted a sort of viscoelastic memory foam to be used in their own space program. This was needed for seats which would reduce the impact of g-forces on the body at the time of blast-off, cushioning the astronaut during the incredibly long journeys into space and back to earth. Therefore we must credit NASA with this scientific breakthrough.


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