Zelda Wii U Tech Demo 1080p Vs 4k

zelda wii u tech demo 1080p vs 4k


Zelda Wii U Tech Demo 1080p Vs 4k -- http://urlin.us/5pgut






















































Felix Gill Nintendo does not cater to an audience that plays CoD or Cyrsis they cater to 3 10 year olds who shouldnt be playing overly violent games yet. I dont like the 900/60fps specs either, but to be honest, I am not worried. So no Nintendo needs to do what Nintendo does and make a console that children like the games on. Therefore Big N again put to bad competition with prepared heavily armored with 60 fps foe. Thats generally not the case at all. Arguing whether PC or consoles are better than the other is childish. Because if so, next gen is going to be rubbish for Nintendo. However in order to do so it requires several things. ARP Or you can just have both&? Ph You want a 3 to 4 hundred dollar console to compete with a fully fledged 1500 computer rig that can do just about anything the user needs it to do ON TOP OF gaming. CB I dont think this is legit. That was a thing in the early Xbox 360 days when Microsoft demanded at least a 720p image with 2X MSAA when most devs had problems with the then new generation and couldnt even reach HD resolutions, let alone with 2X MSAA, and said demand was soon retired. dolphin558 That sounds noble and Im a HUGE Nintendo fan. Also I can lay back on my couch with a controller in my hand from my PC&I do it all the time. but consoles are way more easy. The issue is not enough. I personally dont mind either way, but they want to sell to the masses.


So let hold up and see what happens. Van Nguyen gimmick, 900p60fps? why not 1080p60fps. On June 20th, 2011, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that Nintendo is planning on creating an HD Legend of Zelda title.[6] In January 2013, a new Wii U Zelda game was officially confirmed; however, it was also stated that it would feature a different style than the Zelda HD Experience. The larger point here, however, is that Nintendo is absolutely free to tell AMD (or whoever it partners with) that it wants a GPU that can deliver 900p / 60 FPS in all cases. That is obviously a huge advantage. Dont pass it up just because of weak hardware. Edited by Socalmuscle, 01 March 2013 - 09:14 PM. Well, they *can.* But that may result in companies not wanting to deliver software for the platform. poops I think Nintendo needs to go back to its roots and quit making complicated and strange controllers.

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