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legend of chu and han 720p hd


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Legend Of Chu And Han 720p Hd



BT/ BT^^ . Buy Now OR Need help buying? 100% Positive Feedback (124 Reviews) View seller's other items Need more information? Ask Question Item Information Estimated Shipping 15 - 20 Days Item Description Title Name KINGS WAR / LEGEND OF CHU AND HAN / / (2012) No of Disc 20 Disc ( TV 1- 80 End ) Version Original Mandarin Chinese Language (PRC) Subtitles Chinese / Excellent English Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9) Remark Starring: Chen Daoming Peter Ho Duan Yihong Qin Lan Li Yixiao Sun Haiying Yang Lixin Huo Qing Yu Hewei You Yong Elvis Tsui Yu Bin Plot: 2010 CCTV epic Three Kingdoms comes the big-budget historical blockbuster Legend of Chu and Han. According to reports, apart from its huge budget, one of the highlights of the series is its realistic sets. Active topics. One of the most well-known and romanticized conflicts of Chinese history, the Chu-Han Contention is often reimagined onscreen, most recently in the films White Vengeance and The Last Supper. Casting[edit]. Chen had been confirmed to play Liu Bang while Ho was a likely choice for the role of Xiang Yu.[2].


All original and certified by govt. .. Bona Film Group Ltd. The series received low ratings, but Gao Xixi claimed that it was attracting a highly educated audience.[3]. Legend of Chu and Han TraditionalChinese Simplified Chinese Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Ch Hn Chunq .


It has been four years, I believe the time is ripe now. It started airing on Anhui TV, Zhejiang TV, Jiangxi TV and Tianjin TV on 28 December 2012. The epic drama also co-stars Qin Lan as Empress Lu Zhi, Li Yixiao as Yu Ji, Liu Yuxin as Lady Qi, Duan Yihong as general Han Xin, Huo Qing as strategist Zhang Liang, Yang Lixin as statesman Xiao He, Hu Dong as Ying Bu and Sun Haiying as Xiang Yu's advisor Fan Zeng. (April 2012) . 405 Not Allowed.. TOP .


Country Network(s)/Station(s) Series premiere Title Thailand True4U August 10, 2015 (Chu Han Suek Ching Ballang Sataan Pattapi[4]) . BT . All rights reserved. Reception[edit]. The story will begin from Liu Bang starting off as a patrol officer in Pei County, until he established the Han Dynasty and became the emperor. Tianjin TV First shown in 28 December 2012 . 19. Not bootlegs or pirated stuff here . Location Settings Choose Language Franais Espaol Deutsch Nederlands Italiano Portugus Danske Svenska Polski Trk English Choose Currency GBP USD AUD BRL CAD SEK NZD DKK ILS PLN CNY SAR MXN SGD EUR Company Home Site Status Privacy Policy About Us Announcements Site Map User Agreement Contact Us Connect With Us Copyright 2017 iOffer.


International broadcast[edit]. Award-winning actor Chen Daoming returns to television to play Liu Bang, the founder of the Han Dynasty, while Peter Ho transforms into the fierce and tragic Xiang Yu. TV TV TV . English Language Version[edit]. The highly anticipated drama is based on the Chu-Han Contention, the storied battle between Xiang Yu of Western Chu and Liu Bang of Han for control of the empire after the fall of the Qin Dynasty. The palace, along with other important locations in the television series, had to be totally reconstructed in accordance with the requirements stated in the script. .. JTBC .E202.170119.720p-NEXT.torrent .E19.170119.720p 2 Arrival.2016 .torrent.E02.170119.720p-NEXT.torrent170119.

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