Why Do People Love to Listen to Music?

Music is organised sound such that it contains rhythm, song, and harmony particularly sound generated from tools that can generate rhythm Although music is a sort of phenomenon of inspiration, to create, develop and present a form of art. Hear the music is a kind of entertainment too. Music is a unique phenomenon that can be produced by several musical instruments. Starting his career in the music world is not an easy thing, but it does not mean you can not do. Visit our website and get music marketing book. This guide will help you start your career as an independent musician.


Often we see that many people around us like the music, as heard through the Airphone, headset, or speaker to set intentionally possessed all the songs that endeared her, music is not foreign in the modern era like this. And why do people like to listen to music? The following are some reasons why:

- Listening to music with someone will be more comfortable and will feel very relax as if all problems can be eliminated in a heartbeat.

- With music, someone will remember about their first experience whether it's a sad incident, happy, or funny. For example, from the lyric of a song, you remembered the experience when you first met your lover.

- With Listening to music will increase a person's emotions, no matter if it happy, sad or otherwise. This is because many existing genres. A love song, of course, will provide a calming effect as well as romantic, especially when you hear it together with the people that you love.

- Music also portrays the character of a person, as well as the results of Mannareli T and Moris M.E in their book, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Playing a musical instrument can make the right brain and left brain we are developing balanced, and it is not only making us more intelligent, but also improve other capabilities such as creating concepts and solve problems.  However, for those of you who only listen to music, you can also benefit one of them is to make you become more creative. Suppose you're looking for ideas to create a novel, with the help of music, normally fresh ideas will flow.

So, what is the meaning of music? Each person must have a different idea about this. Music is the means sought by people in search of inspiration, distract and have fun. Therefore, you have to have fun in the music.