Body Painting and Nude Beach Party by FKK Wisconsin Chapter

FKK WI's Nude Beach Party
Nude Beach Party - FKK WI found on July 14th with an "Amazing Canvas Nude Beach Party", at Toadally Natural Farm (TNF) in Hartford, WI, in conjunction with the national body painting contest by AANR - The America Association For Nude Recreation.
We had about 30 folks throughout the day, with about half experiencing the liberty of a 90 degree day with no clothes on. There were so many things to do that day. I saw people swimming in the pond, others were playing bare volleyball on the sand court while others became a human canvas for the incredible naked body painting nude beach party occasion.
CaBeatrice Hart, our professional body painter, did an awesome job, from creating an unbelievable Hulk to painting a mural of "Adam and Eve in the Garden".
We also had folks wanting to try painting for the very first time. Jane Groth, co-owner of Toadally Natural Farm, painted a bikini and a referee uniform on her husband and other co-owner, Paul Groth. Paul returned the favor and painted a referee uniform on Jane.
Due to the popularity of this occasion, Young Naturists Wisconsin ( FKKWI ) is having a place bash on Sunday, August 26th at TNF. The event begins at noon and runs until sundown. Overnight nude camping is, in addition, available. Everyone is encouraged to come and bring their own beverages, meat to grill and cast a vote for the winning entry. Prizes will be awarded that night.
Jane as referee at the FKK WI Nude Beach Body Painting Party

We encourage everyone to come out, meet some awesome friends and treat yourself to the independence of not wearing clothes. Come join us for Young Nudists Wisconsin ( FKKWI ) next occasion!!!
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