Video Card 1080i Or 1080p

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Video Card 1080i Or 1080p



Help Me Please! CraziFuzzy March 8, 2006 8:46:38 AM Okay guys, the key to getting good HDTV display from a computer is in the signal timings. The way to check and see if you are truely getting a 1:1 ratio is to create a small 4x4 bitmap in Paint, of a black and white checkerboard pattern, and set it as the desktop background in tile mode. With this guide, we will show you the basics of connecting a PC featuring an NVIDIA based graphics card to an HDTV. Definately was not High Definition or even close. 1360x768 , 1920x1080 very simple 2. The display isn't reporting EDID information correctly via HDMI for some reason - for this partial fix (it only works on MONITOR not TV so plug the TV into DVI output and the MONITOR into HDMI) -> right click on Desktop > Screen Resolution, select your monitor display > Advanced settings, > List All Modes. CoolBOBob1Jan 31, 2014, 9:38 PM It's actually an issue with tv not identifying correctly. dont you think they're also ruining the console+tv+bluray images as well? why arent we rioting in the streets due to all the bs that happens with tvs & hdmi there is no way 1366x768 can look 'okay', if the tv has 1920x1080 pixels, well you better send it a 1920x1080 signal (p of course), anything not native is a blur, like every single pixel based monitor in existence other than CRTs now.


However this seems to be where it maxes out, anything higher than that.well iv explained before, it just doesnt seem to like it. Dec 30, 2007 #2 anime4u [H]ardGawd Messages: 1,137 Joined: Nov 12, 2007 I think 720p would be easier because it contains less pixel information than 1080i. I havent ever had a problem getting a picture however the resolutions are fixed so that they only take up a part of the screen. Your logic is flawed. It has not let me down on 1080p videos at all. With 480p, the TV did true 640x480 with all the horizontal lines being used. Although the more expensive have more shielding and depending on where these cables are you may want more.


Since all the current discs are encoded 1080i or 1080p, a 720p display would require scaling. ** I've had 2 lcd samsung tv's now and been using them as a monitor for the last 4 years. This new resolution is a virtual screen resolution. The PC: ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 256mb graphics card 2.4 GHz P4 processor Vista Business The TV: Samsung LCD HDTV 1080p(I forget the model number.) Using a VGA connection, 1360x768 resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate The picture displays beautifully, but there's a major lag issue when trying to watch videos. This was the last thing I tried before I gave it up. /All Aluminum/well .


No ANDS, IFs or BUTs, running a display in 720P is more work for the CPU (note the word CPU, not GPU) when displaying a 1080p or 1080i native source than on a 1080P screen. The monitor of course displays progressive sdan only it doesn't do interlace.SO to cut a long story short, my conclusion is this - the DVI port will display a maximum of 1080p, the HDMI port a maximum of 720, higher if interlace is available. Turning sharpness to 0 helped further reduce the fucked up look it had.Click to expand. I also get audio via the TV!Great you might think - except if I hook up the monitor into the HDMI port - the monitor will ONLY display a maximum resolution of 720p - 1280x720 - thats all. Indeed it was showing up as the third display monitor. So I would say 1080p would be less load on the CPU for computer playback of High Def optical discs if played full screen.

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