Lose a stone in a second and drop a dress size

We have a secret way to look slimmer in seconds — and the only workout you need is ­perfecting your pose.

Straightening your back, a tilt of the head and crossed legs can take you from frumpy to fab so you will look slimmer in those Instagram pics as well as feel more confident.

Here, size 16 model Danielle Warwick shows you how to drop a white prom dresses uk size or two with clever posture changes.

After all, the camera never lies. . . or does it?

IF Kim Kardashian can show off her butt, so can you.

Slouching those shoulders will only make you look shapeless, so twist your upper body towards the camera to create a curvy outline.

You can show off your rear by resting your hand slightly higher up your waist.

And don’t let knobbly knees spoil things.

Instead, bend one leg back and rest on your toes.

CHIN CHIN ladies, there is no need to be terrified of close-up shots. Forget saving for a face lift, disguising your double chin can easily be solved without breaking the bank.

When having a headshot, do not let the photographer take it from below – it should be snapped at eye level for flattering results.

Then, stand at a slight angle and relax your shoulders. This will elongate your neck and give a softer jawline.

Look directly into the camera with a natural smile – fake ones only create unwanted lines around the mouth.

YOUR clutch bag can be your best friend instead of a burden.

Balancing a glass in each hand and a clutch while dancing is tricky. Hooking it under your armpit might seem like a good idea but will cause your arms and body to look wider.

Instead, rest it on your upper leg and let it distract from any lumps and bumps.

Leave a slight gap between your arm and your body, as this will help create the illusion of looking slimmer.

And don’t forget to push out your hip.

REMEMBER, you are not at home slumped on the sofa.

You may just want to sink into your seat and hide away, but this will only draw unwanted attention and emphasise wobbly bits.

Perching on the end and straightening your back will instantly elongate your body.

Push out your bust, lift your chin, roll back your shoulders and rest one arm on the chair to flaunt your waistline.

Make sure you cross your legs to avoid thunder thighs and cankles – and once you’ve been snapped, sit back and relax.

EVER wondered how the A-listers do it? Well, you can easily nail their red-carpet look.

Folding your arms may be your go-to pose to cover tummy woes, but in reality this only makes your tummy the focus point and reduces your height. Your hips don’t lie and they should be accentuated.

So nip yourself in by resting your hands on your hips and placing one slightly higher than the other, as this will create an hourglass shape.

Cross one leg in front of the other to make your legs look slimmer and more muscular.

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