How to Watch Live TV Online and Offline

How to Watch Live TV Online and Offline

It's amazing how much live TV has grown online over the past years. When I cut cable some years ago, I wanted to watch live TV channels with movies, sports, news, and TV shows. After learning alternatives to cable and satellite, both online and offline, to save cost, I now have a web TV and OTA TV system.

There are fews to watch live TV without cable or satellite. This can be done when visiting free or pay-to-watch TV websites or optining into a low-cost, 3rd-party Internet based TV service. I opted into one 3rd-party that direct-connects me to over 150 live premium TV channels from popular television networks. The cost is $40 USD and I also get access to premium live sports TV channels/networks including on-demand streaming content.

Yes, Internet TV has grown tremendously with savings you can be proud of. But many people have forgetten that cable and satellite aren't needed to watch live TV offline. What was before still stands today when using an antenna. With a 50-mile radius amplier, indoor HDTV antenna, one can receive more than enough local TV channels in the area.

This is what I did when attaching an amplier indoor HDTV antenna to the back of my 45' HDTV. All I had to do was scan for TV channels in my area. As a result, I simply switch from TV to HDMI 1 when I want to watch OTA TV or web TV respectively.

To get web TV on my HDTV that wasn't Internet accessible, I had to buy an HDMI cable (25' cable). One end was connected to the HDMI port of my computer. The other end was connected to the HDMI port of my HDTV.

This setup provides me with both Internet TV and OTA TV channels. the OTA channels have a better picture quaity than paid television. Although this setup isn't quite the same as watching traditional television, the sacrifice is well worth it. No high cost of cable/satellite and no contract or bundled packages to opt in.