Reviews of Two Popular Supplements: L-Theanine and SAMe

Reviews of Two Popular Supplements: L-Theanine and SAMe

The USFDA has offered a clear definition ofdietary supplements. It can be found on its website too. Since these supplements add to the nutritional values of a body, it has found more consumers those who wish to be free from the risk of diseases. Typically, a supplement could be any one or combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, extracts or any dietary substance.


We will discuss the two popular supplements in the following:


Theanine – It is an amino acid and quite renowned with the other name as L-Theanine 200mg that is consumed due to remove anxiety and dementia. Moreover, it also works effectively in treating conditions of high blood pressure. It has been considered safe for adult consumption, only if taken in the right amounts. Notably, it is also found in the green and black tea.


SAMe – It is abbreviated from S-Adenosyl Methionine and consumed to get rid of anxiety and depression. People with psychiatric illnesses, liver problems, musculoskeletal conditions, premenstrual distresses and several others can consume this supplement only after proper instructions. Studies have indicated some great results from consuming SAMe 400mg, but more studies will add clarity to it.


Places to order:


The online medical stores offer a better place to order the medicines these days. The consumers will need to find out about the online seller, mainly about their interaction with the consumers, feedback on their services, refund and return policies, shipping and several others. Online offers can be checked through for discounts.