Mice rat pest control in London


RM Pest control is a family run friendly pest control business suiting the needs of you, the general public, predominantly offering Mice rat pest control in London,UK.

The measures that are taken for mouse control in London and the home counties will depend on the extent of the infestation, as well as the species of mouse that is invading your property. For mouse control to be successful, a level of cleanliness, proofing and a significant reduction in the overall population are all factors to be considered. Whilst the former two are ideal for preventing an infestation from getting out of hand, the latter will be necessary if an invasion already exists. In this case, measures such as traps and controlled poisoning may be used.

Your RMpestcontrol will seal all small holes inside your property that the mice use as entry points (with sealants, wire wool and expanding foam). In case of a serious infestation the specialist will safely lay down a pesticide around the place to ensure mouse extermination.

We will fully inspect your property with our thermal cameras before we proceed with the actual mice control treatment. These inspections include locating all exit points of the rodents. We will be able to seal all small ones (up to 1/2 inch diameter). As soon as we assess the level of infestation, we will use wire wool, sealants and foam to shut all holes and will proceed with the mouse removal to clear out the premises of the creatures.Your mouse exterminator will place traps in the infested premises and if necessary, lay down poison. In addition, you will receive advice on prevention against possible threats of mice infestation.