Career Option For Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)

Career Option For Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)

Gone are the days when law was not considered as versatile career option. Today, Law is one of the most popular career choices in our country. The recognition of the five-year integrated law course module has made the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) the most important entrance examination of the country. To pursue the career in Law one need to take CLAT Entrance Exam to get admission in top NLU’s and brightens their future. CLAT is the most sought entrance exam in our country for law aspirants. CLAT exam is being recognized by top law schools like NLU, West Bengal National University of Juridical sciences and NALSAR University in Hyderabad and others.

This article briefs about the choice of better career options and career courses in India and abroad as well.

Job Prospects’ in Law

Career in Law has opens up lot many career opportunities. Now career in law is not confined to become civil and criminal lawyer only rather lot many doors are open up today for building bright future in Law. In today’s era students opt for other law options as well. Students have started taking interest in corporate and commercial law etc. Meditation and Negotiation, international law, intellectual property law, environmental law and human rights law are the other names of few disciplines where candidates can think of pursuing his career. After the candidate Clear CLAT Exam he has more job prospects in Law. CLAT Exam tests the logical skills of the candidate. After clearing the Law Entrance Exam candidate can pursue their career in any of the discipline.

Earlier when the candidate completes with Graduation everyone thinks that he will become advocate but now a days law has such a vast field where numerous opportunities are there for the candidate to excel in. After clearing CLAT exam and completed with the 5 year course law graduate can

  • Become a Judge
  • Hope to become solicitor General
  • Public prosecutor
  • Offer Services to government departments/ministries
  • Work as legal advisor
  • Become Teacher
  • Work with NGO’s and as a reporter in Television 

What is needed for making Career in Law

To make good career in Law the candidate should have good communication skills and have ability to analyze the situation critically. Logical skills and Patience is one of the most important feature the candidate should possess. Candidate need to get five year integrated degree from reputed university for pursuing their career in Law. If candidate have these skills then there are surplus opportunities for the candidates.

To sum up, Candidate should have

  • Good  Communication skills
  • Good at logical reasoning
  • Efficiency in Critical Analysis
  • Degree from Reputed university

Thinking of career in law has huge opportunity. Practical knowledge add value and enhance the chances of getting hired by top experts. Initiative of students bear fruit as they can acquire the practical knowledge by visiting the courts and understand the day to day affairs . Profession of Law gives respect and power as well as security of career. Lawyer is treated as well respected, paid and groomed profession.